Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apples Day 2

Today we got a late start on our lessons because we walked next door to visit Pawpaw (my F-I-L) and pick up some fresh eggs.  E ended up sweet talking him into getting her an ice cream cone and a fun size almond joy BEFORE breakfast!  Good thing she's a good eater, because even after that she ate 3 scrambled eggs!  : )

So by 9:30am we were finally settled down and ready to go!  I'll give you a summary of what we did and then I added some snapshots at the bottom.  Enjoy!

  • We reviewed our flashcards and she only struggled with 2 so we went ahead and added our 5 new ones using the last mini lesson on the Meet The Sight Words DVDs.  SO from now on I guess we'll have to find new  ways to learn new words!?
  • We also played our own version of the Eric Carle ABC Game (the rules are too much for her yet).  We used the cards and she picked one, named the letter and the sound, tried to think of a word that started with that sound, then flipped it over to see what animal was on the back!  She did AMAZING!  Out of all the lowercase letters she only had trouble identifying 4 (p,q,b,& d), understandable!  She also struggled with a few sounds, (x, y, & o).  I'm very proud!
  • Then we reviewed our Signs of  Autumn poem from yesterday, and learned a little Poem/Rhyme called Apples, Apples that I saw on Pinterest.
  • To work on counting and number recognition we used my poorly drawn tree (Daddy's the artist, NOT me!).  And she picked a 'monkey' number, then put that many crab apples on the tree.  She got bored with this quickly and tried to say she was 'sick' (hahaha) so we moved on after only a few turns!
  • To practice More/Less, Size, and Sorting, we divided the crab apples into 2 piles, big & small, then counted them and decided which pile had more and which pile had less.  Simple I know!  But it works!  (:
  • We made a Handprint/Fingerprint Apple Tree.  She had a blast and was so proud of her creation.  We hung it on the wall to show Daddy when he gets home from work!  To save supplies and a mess, I used a sponge brush to soak up the paint.  Then she pressed her hands and fingers onto that then on to the paper.
  • We refreshed our address, Mommy's phone number, and our names.  Very important!

I always let her watch a movie while I fix lunch and to wind down for a nap.  The past 3 days in a row (please shoot me!) she has watched the Leapster Talking Word's Factory DVD.  She has since been singing the vowels song nonstop!  "We're A, E, I, O, U we're the vowels, we're the glue, that stick the words together.  We're very sticky letters!"  It's catchy, but annoying after 500 times!  lol

(If I didn't mention we don't  have regular t.v., all we do is DVD's from the library and Redbox, and I download movies online.  This way I don't have to worry about E seeing things that are inappropriate.)


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  1. Fresh eggs sound wonderful. Her handprint apple tree is cute!
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